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hii! there's this gif of patrick stump that i've been obsessed with for the longest time lol and the watermark thingy says you made it or it belongs to you or something so i was wondering if you could tell me what it was from? he's wearing his fedora, glasses and a burberry looking scarf and it's dark all around him. thank you! xx

© Patrick Greens


Your New Favourite Band

this is awesome! 


Yes, I was bored :D


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© Nils Carmel
25/09/2014 Stockholm, Sweden @ Gröna Lund

© Petter Hellman
25/09/2014 Stockholm, Sweden @ Gröna Lund

© Jan Friese

© Rafael Lafuente
13/09/2014 Rioja @ Palacio de los Deportes de La Rioja

© Peter Duyts
Crammerock 2014

Paul Weller and 4/5 of The Hives!

Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr & The Hives at the John Varvatos London store VIP opening party.

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